Prep Store Elite Plus – Emergency Survival Pack – 4 Day Food Supply – 96 Hour – Survival Kit – Bugout Bag – Hurricane Emergency Kit – Survival Bag – Bug Out Bag (Elite Plus KIT)


  • WATER: We start with WATER because we all know by now that you can’t survive without water! That’s why we give you a 2 Gallon Water Container, Water Bottle Filtration System, Water Filter Straw, and a Micro Water Filter Pump that will clean 500+ Gallons of water.
  • FOOD & COOKING: Includes a 4 Day food supply with complete travel cooking set including: a pot, pan, spoon, bowls and more. We also equip you with a Firestarter, a hatchet and skinning knife and folding utensils so you can cook and enjoy a warm meal!
  • SHELTER: Having a private shelter in a disaster or emergency is more important than you think! It’s also great to have your own private living quarters on any hiking or camping trip! That’s why we give you a Camping Mat, Sleeping Bag, Tent, Poncho, and a large Mosquito Net!
  • SAFETY & FIRST AID: in any emergency from a Global pandemic, to a cut, sting, bite and more. We give you a 70+ Piece First Aid Kit, Dust Mask w/filter, Extractor Kit, Thermometer, Disposable Gloves, and a Disposable Safety Mask so that you can be prepared for any situation.
  • POWER & LIGHT in today’s tech life can be devastating for almost everyone. That’s why we equip you with a Folding Solar Charger, Power Bank Lantern, Solar Flashlight w/Radio, Solar Fan / Torch, and Cable Set. Also includes a great selection of Tactical and Utility Gear