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What is Tubidy?

Tubidy - Listening to Mp3 songs is one of the entertainment needs that makes the mind calmer, more comfortable and makes the spirit, and passion of life more colorful . in this article we present Tubidy, a super fast and best Mp3 song download application, free and reliable music streaming.Most online sites that provide download links for Mp3 songs are very complicated, the process is very complicated at the time of download. Often times we are directed to other sites that have lots of advertisements and this is very annoying and takes a long time to click on a lot of links.

Maybe you often fail when downloading songs Mp3 on some of these online sites so that it is not uncommon to end up irritating and annoying. Actually there are several alternatives such as downloading Mp3 songs from Youtube but it is also quite complicated having to go through an intermediary second site to download the song.Tubidy is a site to download songs or video clips that are very complete and popular, on this site we can download a variety of files that are very complete and of high quality.If you can’t download videos or audio on Youtube, then Tubidy can be a solution because here you can download music in 3GP, Mp4 .

Mp3 audio, and Mp4 audio formats. Mostly downloadable if you want to download music or audio is Mp3 audio, if you download via cellphone, you have no problem at all when downloading Mp3 from Tubidy, but if you try to download music on Tubidy via a computer device, for example, using the Opera Mini Browser, there is a trick to be able download it , and here’s how to download music on the site Tubidy using the Opera Mini Browser on your Windows.

Tubidy only search engine to find music and videos that come from Soundcloud.com and Youtube.com . And index millions or files from all over the world.Tubidy is a search designed for the sole purpose of making searching easier. Don’t download copyright sites without permission. Please read the disclaimer, before you continue to search and download music and videos.

Tubidy is a web page for downloading video or audio (Mp3). The Tubidy website is easy to search for videos on Youtube and the download process is quick and easy. The file for the video is small and there are many options for downloading.If you want to use this webpage or download videos, you need to register to download . If you haven’t registered with Tubidy, you need to sign up first. The advantages of using this web page are that the steps to download are very easy and in orderly manner. The disadvantage of this web page is that it is not properly organized and stops updating (stopping updates).

For this website, you can use it from a cellphone or other mobile device. Because this website is intended to make it easier for cellphone users to download videos from Youtube. Besides that, you can also save playlists where you can play your favorite songs as you wish.

Listening to songs or watching is a favorite human hobby. They hear songs from various kinds, for example radio, television, cellphone , laptop , computer and others. Sometimes many people want to have that favorite song and save the file on a cellphone, laptop or computer. They got the song from downloading it from website on the internet. One of those websites is Tubidy.

Tubidy has the advantage that the music or video file size is smaller than usual and the quality is good in addition, the video file size in Tubidy is almost the same as the song we sometimes download from the internet.

⮚ Here’s how to download a song or video from Tubidy :

1. First , make sure the communication tool you are using can connect to the internet, for example a cellphone.
2. Second, click on the browser on your cellphone, for example, Opera Mini . Then type www.godhatessweden.com into the box containing in the website address. What for the Tubidy display to appear.
3. Third, type the song or video you want into the empty box. Then, click “ search” next to the box.
4. Fourth, the Tubidy display will display various titles that you want, click on one of the displays, after clicking, there are 3 options, namely :

a. 3GP video Reg contains medium data size.
b. 3GP video Hi contains large data size videos.
c. Mp3 audio contains song that are smaller in size.

5. Fifth, click what you want from the 3 options. Then , the download process is in progress. Wait for it to finish.Download millions of music and videos for free, fast and easy only at Tubidy, no need to register to get an account, all you need to do is type keywords in the search field above, or you can also browse the media category in the search field or browse videos that other users have recently downloaded.

In the opera browser or maybe also in other types of browser on a computer, when downloading via Tubidy is often just a streaming and cannot be downloaded. However, other browsers on a computer such as “ Safari “can directly download music content in the Tubidy site. However, if you use the opera desktop browser, usually when you download content or Mp3 or video clips only a streaming window appears so you can only listen to the music online.

When the file to be downloaded is redirected to the streaming page, press the buttons CTRL and S simultaneously, the file will be downloaded to your computer. And that is the trick how to solve or downloaded content on Tubidy via opera browser on your computer/ windows . This method successfully saves files in the form of Mp3 or video format that you want to download from Tubidy. For some browser other than opera that experience the same thing.

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