10 Essential Items For A Ultra Lightweight Survival Pack

Everyone has their favorite items to include in a survival pack.  Indeed, if you included all those items you would have a rather bulky pack that was not suitable for a 1-2 day trek.  So we reviewed several top survival websites and experts to assemble an ultra light survival pack of 10 essential items that can easily be tucked in a pack or stored in a glove box.

10 Essential Items for an Ultra Light Weight Survival or Emergency Pack

    1. Large knife
    2. Gloves
    3. Bic Lighter
    4. 9 x 12 foot plastic painter’s tarp (0.35 mm thickness)
    5. Mylar survival blanket
    6. Mini LED flashlight
    7. Water purification tablets
    8. Water Container of some sort
    9. Nylon Braided Line
    10. $20 or $50 Bill
    11.  A Smart Phone . (optional)
Survival Smart Phone
Survival Smart Phone

An optional, but we feel essential item, which should be included in your pack or your pocket is a smart phone.  These days, aside from a communication tool, a smart phone has many apps that could save your life.  Even if you don’t have a cell signal where you are, a compass app, GPS, or emergency beacon are invaluable.

These items will help you weather the cold and rain, give you the essential tools to construct a shelter, build a fire, and signal for help.  Item # 10 may seem a bit odd, but if you stumble out of the woods after a 2-3 day ordeal, you’ll appreciate the forethought of having a few dollars to buy food.
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